Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Conclusions on switching from andengine to libgdx.

We all know that graphics and visual effects are the main core of videogames. But we can’t forget what happens behind the scenes, the development process.

From now on our development team will share with you relevant information on this blog, and this is their first post.

The development team has successfully switched from andengine to libgdx for our new game 4 Shots. After a short period of adaptation to the new framework we have come to these conclusions:

  • Andengine can get you up and running faster than libgdx, so may be better for beginners. 
  • Libgdx is much more flexible 
  • Libgdx performance rocks
  • Libgdx ability to test on desktop drives to faster developments times 
  • Libgdx has much more documentation and examples 

That’s the way our incoming game is looking so far, what are your impressions?

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