Sunday, August 24, 2014

Match M for Kids available on Google Play

Match M for Kids  is available for download on Google play.

Our free game which tests your visual memory was released. Download it now and tell us about your experience!

  • supports multiple device sizes and screen resolutions
  • funny animations and sounds
  • cute and captivating characters
  • 4 difficulty levels (image number varies from 4 to 18)

  • improves memory abilities
  • fun for children and adults
  • easy to learn, easy to play
  • free
Match M for Kids, disponible desde Google play

Match M for Kids promotional Google Play video

The first BoGy for kids game is here, Match M for Kids.

We are finally able to show our Match M for Kids  promotional video.

As we have already said, Match M for Kids  is a free game which tests your visual memory. It was created with children in mind.
It's a funny way to improve your abilities and train your memory with endearing characters. Matching up the different sets of image pairs.

Simple and cute characters, captivating sounds and multiple difficulty levels to offer an appropriate challenge to every player. That's the key of Match M for Kids, trying to be more than just a mere entertainment.

Stay connected, because we will be updating about the game's Google Play launching.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Match M for Kids - BoGy Games for Kids

Our first game for Kids is almost ready! The details about the game are being finalized.

As you know, the BoGy idea is to create games for everybody to enjoy anywhere. With this main idea,  BoGy Games for Kids are games that were created with one aim in mind, the children.

The characters, the context, the playability... Everything is designed thinking of  children. They are not just entertainment, but it's a world where children have fun with games and challenges.

Endearing characters, and multiple levels of difficulty. That is at the heart of  for Kids games. 

Match M for Kids is our first game.

It is a game for testing the memory and fast thinking. With funny characters that will capture the children's attention.
Many different difficulty levels to offer an appropriate challenge to every player.

Match M for Kids


Monday, August 4, 2014

Match M UP - First introduction to the game

We can show you the very first introduction to Match M UP!

In Match M UP you will need to match up the pairs. Match up all our Matches!
That's where the surprises begin...

There will be multiple levels and different strategies of playing. But... You will discover this in the near future. We will keep you up to date on the things.

This is the starting point of Match M UP.