Saturday, July 26, 2014

Match M UP - First screen

The time has come for share Match M UP.

We hope that when the game be released it be as part of you as it is for us.

After the game intro, we have tried to continue our commitment to the simple design. Simple and intuitive. As you will find on our site, BoGy Games creates games for everyone to play everywhere.

This is our final choice. We believe we have done that. Don't you?

Match M UP: Main menu screen

by BoGy Games

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Match M UP - Game intro video

Discover our new video, the Match M UP game intro!!!

It has been very hard for us to decide to publish it. It was difficult to know when anything was enough.

We only needed something simple, fun and catchy. This is the spirit with which Match M UP is being created. We succeeded in moving ahead and... We did it! (at least this is what we believe).

Surely the music was the big challenge. Find a sound that would fit with our Matches and our game was not easy. But we think we found the perfect one. It hooked us from the beginning!

We think, the result reflects the rebellious nature of our Matches and our game. What do you think?

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Match M UP introduces the Matches Family

Match M UP is our first game. It is like a business card for BoGy Games.

This game introduces our funny characters, the Matches Family.
They are with us on our journey from the beginning; in fact they lead the way.

Match M UP has hundreds of levels, each one brings you some special tricks and different strategies of playing. Maybe each Match could help you... or maybe not...

Our Matches are ready and little by little we will be giving you glimpses on the new games.
Meanwhile, we present part of the family :)

Saturday, July 12, 2014

The adventure begins...

We create free mobile games. 

BoGy Games is an indie mobile game studio. 

For us it is much more... The BoGy Team is a creative and enthusiastic team of professionals working hard in what they believe. 

BoGy Games was born with one mission, the digital entertainment.   We create free mobile games for Android devices. 

We develop totally free games for everybody to enjoy everywhere. 

The countdown has started. We will keep you in touch...

by BoGy Games